Thursday, March 15, 2012

Banana bread doesn't have to be bad for you.

How do I know? I broke the rule, that's how. 
I did it. I made Banana Bread that was super healthy, and so delicious that food junkies (you know, the opposite of a Foodie who will eat any junk food and call it "good") told me it was some of the best they'd ever had :)
That literally made my day.
Of course, I didn't take pictures, what would be the point of that?! 
My dear friend Monica gave me her Banana Bread recipe and it was delicious. I am however ridding my diet of refined sugars and starches, so I made a few modifications.

To duplicate these delicious gems (I made muffins):
Preheat your oven to 325˚f
Butter and flour (or use parchment paper) either a.) A large loaf pan, b.) 4 small loaf pans, or c.) 1 dozen large muffin tins. I guess you could use cupcake papers, but I didn't have any so I buttered and floured my pans and they turned out splendidly.

Cream together 
1/2 C. Butter
1/2 C. Date Sugar
1/2 C. Sucanat (get it at a health food store or through a food co-op)

Add 2 large eggs, one at a time

3/4 tsp. Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
3/4 tsp. Cinnamon
a small pinch of salt

Mix it all up with a mixer then add 
3 Banana's that you've smashed with a fork 
and 1 1/2 cups Whole Wheat Flour 

Mix just until combined after the banana and flour are in, you don't want to ruin the soda action, that wouldn't be pretty!

Pour the batter into your pan(s) and bake for 
45-50 minutes for a large loaf
35-42 minutes for small loaves or muffins.

cool slightly on a wire rack before you turn it out of the pan (s).

It's exceptional with chopped pecans or walnuts, but my dad can't eat them so I didn't put any in.




  1. Thank you, Claire! Where do you find Date Sugar? This sounds really good and good for you and I'd really like to try it!!

    Much love,

    1. Hi Roberta :) It is really good! And good for you. As with most sweeteners you can't go crazy with it, but it's a much healthier choice than most sweeteners and is the closest to the good ol' taste of "Brown Sugar" that many of us are fond of.
      We order it through Country Life Natural Foods. Lori Magrum runs a food co-op and we get our items shipped to her house.