Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flower Power Apron

I just couldn't resist sharing these with you! I was able to go to my Sister's last weekend and had a wonderful visit… once I got through the blizzard on the way up there.
I have been making headway on my much belated Christmas presents to my nieces and nephews and here are a few pictures of Hope with her apron. 

The kids were all excited to see her apron having seen a few of the ones that the other kids received. She had a birthday recently and it was a little embarrassing for me as one or two of her siblings said it was a birthday present…


She was (and IS) SO CUTE!! She has such kissable cheeks that only become more precious when she flashes one of her Billion Dollar Smiles. (Yes, I know that the saying is "Million", but I'm a little partial).

~ Claire