My Mission, by Claire

I am a seamstress, an aspiring cook and a mid-twenties young woman who finished a degree and realized I wasn't heading down the path that God wanted me to.

I try to healthify (to make up my own word) baking recipes without making them taste healthy and I love giving parties that wow, even if only in the food.

Sewing has been a semi-subdued passion of mine for years. I am very fond of the classic little black Audrey Hepburn dress style and I endeavor to make chic, yet modest clothing that easily transitions from Sunday morning Church, to a walk in the fields.

My name was not chosen by accident. I want my talents to be used for the Honor of my Lord, Jesus, and it is upon this that I chose the name:
Laudable - wholesome, worthy of praise, favorable.
Elizabeth - Consecrated to God, My God is Abundance.
From here it was a short step to LaudablyLizzy