Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh happy day!!

I was thrilled this morning to find that my new sewing machine had arrived! Making the (current) grand total of 4 machines that I will now use on a regular basis. I don't name my machines as some do, but I am happy to say that I purchased the Janome CoverPro 1000. It looks a lot like my serger, but only does cover stitches which I am thrilled with as I am starting to work with a lot more knits and my other machines just don't do quite the job that I would have liked.
I felt a little like a traitor when I ordered it at first as it is the first one that I have purchased that is not a Baby Lock and did not come from Sew Many Stitches. I learned to sew on my mother's machine when I was about ten and several years later was given one by a friend. my gifted machine lasted several years and then was sadly laid to rest… so I bought another one, a Baby Lock Pro Line 6300. A couple of years later I purchased my Baby Lock Eclipse serger, and upon my High School graduation my pride and joy, a combination sewing and embroidery machine, also by Baby Lock, the Eclipse. Now, as my sister is (I hope) reading this I should mention that she and I bought the first sewing machine and the serger jointly. Upon her moving however we swapped our portions of the machine and she was in possession of the sewing machine and I the serger but to make a long story short, and probably partly due to the fact that I do most of her sewing for her, I have her machine again and my arsenal is fully equipped to tackle more than I have time for.
Enough about the machines already though. This past monday I received a thrilling phone call. A lady in town had her own sewing shop and needed to get rid of a lot of extra material and the Lord led our paths together through a mutual friend. I have been going through the fabric, mostly upholstery, and finding many treasures. My mind has been working about a million miles a minute as I go through everything and literally see finished products from the raw material that I have in my hands.
This journey is proving to be both exciting, and a bit scary as I am working towards business deadlines and trying to finish projects that have been accumulating, some of them for a few years some only since Christmas. But I am going to my sisters this weekend so I had better finish a few of them or my nieces and nephews might take me off of Favorite Auntie status.

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