Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas in February!

Oh, what a day this has been! I managed to sleep in an extra two hours, rushed to get everything done that I needed to and had the pleasant surprise of finding my wonderful sister at home when I returned. One of my errands was to the fabric store (a favorite for me) where at the register it was discovered that the wonderful lady who had cut my fabric for me had accidentally hit the "0" instead of the "." key! This consequently brought the logged yardage of one fabric to 105yds instead of 1.5yds. We had enjoyed a pleasant conversation and it was not until I was at the register that the mistake was realized as I knew that my total was to be MUCH less that the $1189.43 that initially rung up. We all had a good laugh at it and I went on my merry way, after, of course, the problem was fixed ;)

Speaking of "merry", my Christmas presents to my nephews and nieces this year were… a bit elaborate and I cannot yet claim to have finished more than half. Point aside however I made/am making aprons and backpacks for all 13 of my wonderful relatives! This charming apron is the one I made for my 4 year old niece Hope. It will probably take her a good 4 years to grow into it enough that we can let the hem down (I have pictured it here before the hem was taken up to get the full effect), but that was part of the plan, that they will be able to wear them for years to come. I used 100% cotton for everything, and (much to my sister's delight I am sure) pre-washed everything so that there will be no shrinking or bleeding of the fabrics into one another. 

I used a light canvas material for the backing to give it more stability and the strap, or strings, run through  tubes that I sewed in along the arm holes so that it is fully adjustable. ( Maybe I should have given my sister a large crochet hook for when they are pulled too far… ) 
For the pocket I used a double layer of matching material and trimmed it with ribbed ribbon and buttons.
I also did the same for the flower embellishment on the chest.
I will be spending the weekend with them and can't wait to see her beautiful face light up when she opens it! 

I have 5 others completed and one of these days I might put up pictures of all of them. Two of my nephews are Michigan State fans so I made them Spartan's aprons!!


An update on my Summer Sunshine clothing. I am happy to announce that I have nearly finished the first piece and have a few more that are ready to jump from my sketch book to Dorcas! Now, for those of you who are wondering "Who is Dorcas?" as I previously mentioned that I do not name my sewing machines, Dorcas is my Dress-Maker's "Doll" and she was a gift from my parents several years ago when I was sewing for the first wedding that I did. She is pictured above in the first photo.


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